Then, any user who trusts themselves on their own computer can add themself to the group and not be co-mingled with disk members. Thank you and cheers! Duplicate Article This article covers the same material as another article. But really, this bug is 3 years old. This is a different bug.

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With the camcorder attached and switched on, please save the output of “dmesg” into a file and attach it. I am aware about the free software, is done many hard working idealist, and I am grateful for that. Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues. Double click the launcher after plugging in the camcorder.


I get the same error messages plus one about no camera being detected. With dv, new Kino users will have a broken configuration out of the box. Related blueprints Enable new Firewire stack in default gaw1394 config Improve the user experience with regards to firewire devices.

Instead give users a security panel where they can check a box to disable raw if they have no use for it, and iee1394 can leave it unchecked if they NEED full access.

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They also accepted Ubuntu’s video and dv rules that had typos in them such that they never matched. Furthermore, does Ubuntu’s libraw package maintainer listen here?

File a bug for the daw1394 package it should be updated to version 2. Is your Firewire lead in good order and firmly plugged in at both ends?

FAQ – IEEE FireWire Wiki

Note that it is quite difficult to setup dv under udev the same as devfs does because udev wants to create a single file per device, and symlinks will not work.

However, it does not send DV nor Digital Camera uncompressed video.

Not sure the best to resolve this. Thank god new cameras are all file-based. Now, you need to make the device node:. As mentioned in my previous comment, alternative kernel drivers are in development which allow to implement a more flexible security policy, but I suppose these drivers are not enabled in Ubuntu 8. If rad1394 did not uncomment the legacy modules, then they might have started first and acquired the hardware. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

The default handler does nothing. In the meantime, I was hoping to give users something more comforting than running as root or adding themself to the disk group. Blake W blake-weyman wrote on This claim is just wrong. It speeds up SBP I am forced to use 2 watt radios on empty Stefan, is there something wrong in the udev rules now?

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FireWire updates

It works okay, until reboot, when raw group is set back to disk. Steffen Schwientek schwientek wrote on Many thanks for being so helpful. Which group is it? This bug is a duplicate of bug These raa1394 to current low-level library API versions should mean that Gaw1394 should work with current kernels and current udev, which should provide the following interface: It is difficult to weigh that trade-off. Do not try to compile modules directly from the ieee directory; you must compile from the top-level kernel source directory e.

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