The current version of the SecondLife viewer has the support for the SpaceNavigator and joysticks on Linux built-in. So you will have to install that, I am afraid. Download Official source code releases for all parts of the free spacenav project are available on github: Retrieved from ” http: The last time I have checked the official driver, the daemon required you to run it as root in order to access the hardware and also needed an open access to your X session too to display its Motif! For more details, see the full text of the license.

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I am as of right now trying to see whether spacenavd could translate the space navigator input to keys and mouse, so that it could be output to Cura to achieve the same effect of the driver xml file in Windows.

You actually respond to messages 7 years after the post. The official drivers work this around by running everything as root, which is a security problem. If you want to support SpaceNavigator in the Linux version of Cura or whatever it is actually very simple even without bothering with stuff like the various demons spacenavd or the official driver. However, you must retain the copyright notices in any source files containing code from the library, and binary redistributions must include the copyright notice in any documentation or other acompanying materials.

Finally, with modern systems it is possible to configure SpaceNavigator as XInput device and use the standard X APIs to access it, the same as you would e. For more details about 3Dconnexion and their devices: Ability to build the Second Life client from sources.


Spacenav web site

Then look for a lines similar to: Official source code releases for all parts of the free spacenav project are available on github: The viewer will auto detect the device when started. The rules above are designed for Mageia Linux, different distros Ubuntu, Suse, … may need different rules.

Please use the git repositories instead. Hot plugging is not implemented because it would require DBUS notifications that are not standardized across distros.

3DConnexion SpaceNavigator in Linux

This section is obsolete. Overall, the design is a security liability.

Should I inspect spacenavd code or there is some clever way to do that via xinput or whatever? The same releases are also available through the sourceforge downloads page.

Apart from using VRPNwhich is an overkill for simple projects, it is easy to use the device directly using the input framework as HID device. The problem should be fixed. However, adding support is fairly simple.

3Dconnexion input devices

Installing SpaceNavigator without the official driver Make sure the evdev kernel module is loaded e. I have yet to find a hardware company that is capable of producing solid drivers and application software for their products … Usually one or both are junk, even though the hardware is good.

However, if you release anything that linu this code or parts of it, you must release it under the terms of the GPL v3 or at your option, any later version published by the free software foundation. If you’re having trouble using any part of the spacenav project, feel free to contact us by sending an email to the spacenav-users mailing list. Steps required to build Second Life with support for joysticks and SpaceNavigator: The mess you have with the driver is likely a bug in the driver or just crappy code.


3Dconnexion input devices – FreeCAD Documentation

Views Read View source View history. That 3dcnnexion a daemon in the background to which programs that want to use the device try to connect.

If you use it to access any 3dconnexiob parts of the spacenav project mentioned above, you will get a severely out of date version of the code. Moreover, the daemon tries to open an X window with configuration and will not work right without it. The current version of the SecondLife viewer has the support for the SpaceNavigator and joysticks on Linux built-in.

Please note that the subversion repository is frozenand remains accessible only for archival reasons. You need to have propriate drivers installed, but since support was developed on lower level, it will override settings you set in 3D Connexion control panel.

Onshape likely expects the official horribly insecure and generally terrible 3DConnexion driver https: